About Margot & Sage

Margot & Sage is a fashion label launched in 2014 by co-­founders Rae Citra and Celine Bratanata. With a shared vision of creating a go-­to collection for savvy modern women, the launching of the womenswear brand was an organic process that started with their understanding of what it means to be a woman in today’s fast-­paced world.

“With a thriving career, a well-­kept nest, and burgeoning social life, the modern woman is one who is powerful and in charge of her femininity with a certain vivacity and grace.” – Celine Bratanata, co-­founder.

The duo set out to create an aesthetic that was crisp, timeless, elegant, perfectly tailored, and extremely wearable – the new closet essentials. The made-­to-­measure service, starting in early 2014, set the platform for the debut of the ready-­to‐wear line to be launched almost a year later.

Meticulous precision in tailoring was perfected through the Atelier, while the ten look Teaser Collection was the real first glimpse into the label’s feminine appeal. Simply put, Margot & Sage is about creating beautifully crafted garments with a feminine edge and a sophisticated ease.

The Atelier

The Atelier is our made-­to-­measure service that is available for our private clienteles. Here, we bring your vision to life. The custom-­made garment is a full-­on collaboration between our customer, our skilled designers, and team of experienced tailors. We welcome you to discover the full Atelier process, or you may even request to alter a piece from our existing collection to better suit your needs.

Made Just For You

The Atelier experience starts with a private consultation between client and designer. We first listen to your needs to understand what you hope to achieve through your personal piece. We go beyond the regular seamstress and guide you with our expert understanding of fabrics, silhouettes, patterns and sewing methods to create your dream garment. The possibilities of our Atelier are truly endless.

To start a new order for our Atelier services please fill out all boxes in the form below. To edit the details of an order, including shipping, sizing, addresses, or cancellations, please include your order reference number. For other inquiries, please visit Contact Us.